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Sparkle, shimmer or spin...

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A note from Dorothy...

Hi {!firstname},

We are still in the Sunshine State and at the moment I am in awe of yet another beautiful sunset. Being an August born Leo, I love sunshine. It can snow all night and be oh so very cold, as long as the sun is shining in the morning! Of course, as we are now coming into the shortest days of the year, I am filled with gratitude that we are currently enjoying day after day of brilliant blue skies and the pleasant warmth of the sun.

It is also enticing to hear the wildlife from a nearby nature preserve. As the sun sets, the soft elixir of sound wafts across the pond like a beautiful melody. Long shadows of palm trees are cast on the stucco walls - quite different from our scenery at home.

In a couple of weeks we will be back in Canada. This takes my thoughts to the scenery and sounds that accompany our winter season - an evergreen tree laden with snow, a silvery moon glistening, sparkling lights along the boardwalk and the crisp crunch of snow under foot. It also brings to mind the holiday season that is just around the corner. Easy to imagine cozy times around a roaring fire in the company of family and friends!

Whatever your season and circumstance look about and enjoy the smallest of things. Remember to dance in the moment, as every one is precious!

Best Always,

Sparkle, shimmer or spin...

The month ahead can be filled with sparkle or leave your head spinning. It can be the happiest most enjoyable month of the year or quite the opposite. It can pass by leaving you filled with optimism about the year ahead or filled with regrets about the month gone by. Can you put the right spin on it?

Operative words that make a huge difference are planning, organization and time management. And please do not forget to "Pay Attention to your Money"!

Following are some tips on how to be sure to sparkle not spin out of control...

Planning is paramount!


  • Start the planning early
  • Make a list of events you will be hosting. Decide on guest lists. Do invitations. Decide on menu, decorating and other elements. If you have children involve them in the preparation. They will love to help and they will be so proud to be part of making your home and event special.
  • Clean your home thoroughly now. Do a really good Spring cleaning and then it will be so easy to maintain. Declutter - less mess, less stress and don't forget family participation is important here too.
  • Make a list of functions you will be attending and calendar everything.
  • Buy or make hostess gifts. Once again involve your family. Baked goods, a book mark or a pretty tree ornament are appreciated options.
  • Plan your family celebrations. Whatever your ethnic or religious background, this time of year has become a time for celebrations. As family and friends of all ages gather it is important to think of activities that will appeal and be easy to do. Simple things like song sheets and singing along with the music, a table dedicated to a large puzzle or table tennis in the backyard or basement. Do not get too complicated!
  • Remember to include family and friends who are living far away. With today's technology it is possible to share from a distance the joy of being together.
  • Plan the menu well in advance and ask for help. Everyone loves to participate and it is much more enjoyable for the host/ hostess and the guests if the work involved is shared!

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Quote of the Week...

"Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else's life forever."

~Margaret Cho

Tip of the Week...
At busy times it is important not to dramatize situations. Staying calm will help you and everyone around you keep the important things in life in perspective. No spinning out of control!

Book of the Week...

Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas
by Jane O'connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

A highly recommended gift for any little ones in your life! Instead of the more usual response of trying to rapidly turn and tear pages, my 16 month old granddaughter was engaged and enamoured by all the colours and images.

November 16, 2010
Vol. 1, Issue 9
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Dorothy DeClute specializes in coaching business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals in career or life transitions. Her business background is extensive and includes her tenure as Vice President of Sandbury Homes, President of Wiltshire Canada, Director of International Marketing for McPherson's Ltd. and Co-Founder of Team DeClute, one of the most successful real estate teams in Canada.

She is recognized for her creative business strategies, strong team building skills, as well as for being an inspiring mentor, astute consultant and an empowering coach.

Dorothy is a Certified General Accountant, a Registered Real Estate Sales Professional and a member of the GTA/ICF Coaches Association. If you are facing challenges and would like to work with a coach who has a defined Signature System to help you get from where you are to where you want to be contact Dorothy at

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