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How Cool is your Retirement Plan...


A note from Dorothy...

How Cool is your Retirement Plan...

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A note from Dorothy...

Hi {!firstname},

Today I am relaxing with my husband Gerry. We are basking in the warmth of 80 degree weather, in the lanai, in front of a pool and waterfall at a friend's home in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Florida. We are sort of guests but our hosts do not arrive from Toronto until tomorrow night. You see we took a short cut!

Now let me tell you about this short cut, this our latest adventure!

Historically when we visit Florida we take our time and drive only in daylight hours and no more than 6-7 hours per day. This makes for a long and expensive trip. On Tuesday, Gerry was talking to a friend in Ellicottville and he suggested we try the Auto Train. This train can be boarded in Lorton, Virginia. While you sleep it speeds along the rails and pulls into the station in Sanford, Florida at about 9 a.m. the next morning. Your car is safely stowed with your entire luggage and you are ready to do the much shorter drive to your final destination. For us 2 hours - pretty easy!

I love trains so the prospect of this was fun. We booked a sleeping car, which on short notice is expensive, so plan ahead! The ticket included a fabulous dinner with plenty of vino and a healthy breakfast before disembarking. We met some great fellow travelers at both meals, so enjoyable company is included too!

It is natural to expect that this would be an ideal service for snowbirds but it also is very appealing to families taking a vacation at Disney World. From Sanford it is a very short drive to Orlando. There also seemed to be an assortment of business travelers which given the starting point close to Washington D.C. makes sense too.

Today I am a bit achy so I will not rave about the pillow top mattress and now I think I understand the generosity with the wine pouring - it works to put you to sleep if not keep you there!

We were sitting poolside within 20 hours of leaving Lorton - pretty quick and hassle free. A great option for a quick trip to some warm sunshine, golf and a refill of Vitamin D!

Best Always,

How Cool is Your Retirement Plan...

The transition to retirement can be one of the most challenging transitions in life! In today's world the variety of approaches is endless. It is unbelievably important to do it your way - a way that fits with you on every level - mental, financial, spiritual, physical and emotional!

It seems trite to say, but retirement is too important to leave to chance and I am not just referring to financial chance!

Like most worthwhile things it requires a big picture plan. Get out the vision board and make that board a big one!

As you get closer to this stage sometimes you feel tired, a bit worn down and so perhaps attracted to the notion of:
  • free time
  • no set daily schedule
  • no commitments
  • no one to report to
  • no need to do anything but what we wish
  • one big holiday
Then all of a sudden you may be hit by a tidal wave. You are there and feeling a bit lost. What the heck happened to your important career, your status, your life of challenges and responsibilities? What now? What is the meaning of this new phase in life?

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Quote of the Week...

"Simply making consistent investments in our self education and knowledge banks pays major dividends throughout our lives."

~Jim Rohn

Tip of the Week...
There is no better time than now to plan a vacation, particularly if it is overdue. Oh yes, and even more so if you live in a climate where cold winter months are in the offing! Having a holiday to look forward to - no matter how simple or short, long or lavish, will lift your spirits and optimism in the months ahead.

Book of the Week...

My Time
Making the most of the bonus decades after fifty

by Abigail Trafford

Thanks to the longevity revolution of recent decades, today we are likely to work and live longer than any previous generation. My time defines this period as a whole new developmental stage in the life cycle. Enjoy Trafford's wit, compassion and storytelling!

November 2, 2010
Vol. 1, Issue 8
Published every other Tuesday
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About Dorothy...


Dorothy DeClute specializes in coaching business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals in career or life transitions. Her business background is extensive and includes her tenure as Vice President of Sandbury Homes, President of Wiltshire Canada, Director of International Marketing for McPherson's Ltd. and Co-Founder of Team DeClute, one of the most successful real estate teams in Canada.

She is recognized for her creative business strategies, strong team building skills, as well as for being an inspiring mentor, astute consultant and an empowering coach.

Dorothy is a Certified General Accountant, a Registered Real Estate Sales Professional and a member of the GTA/ICF Coaches Association. If you are facing challenges and would like to work with a coach who has a defined Signature System to help you get from where you are to where you want to be contact Dorothy at

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