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The Joy of Job Satisfaction...


A note from Dorothy...

The Joy of Job Satisfaction...

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A note from Dorothy...

Hi {!firstname},

What an amazing week. I had a wonderful time catching up with a few friends and associates who got off my radar screen. As you might have guessed, we picked up right where we left off, as though we had lunched together a week ago instead of a year ago. Now isn't that the sign of real friendship! I always leave these get-togethers feeling so good and wondering how a year slipped by us so quickly. Of course our lives take different turns and distance can get in the way, but how on earth can life be so busy and complicated that we cannot find the time for a couple of hours of real friendship!

Rather than ponder it too much, I decided to book lunch with two more friends I have been missing. I then took it a step further and looked at my calendar for the last quarter of 2010 and made a little list of special people I would like to see. Thoughts filled my head about the fun it would be to connect once again. Definitely a time for lots of facial exercise (that being with smiles) and a good belly laugh here and there. All very good for the heart and soul!

In December we will have many social occasions for connecting with family and friends. However, too often the holiday season is a bit of a blur without the one on one chance to really catch up. The face to face time that is so valuable. What do you think? Is it time to reconnect with a few special people? If so, make a plan and enjoy!

Best Always,

The Joy of Job Satisfaction...
Fortunate are those who love their job. It has always been my belief that the minute you start to resent getting out of bed to head to your place of employment, is the minute you must stop and take time to consider your options. Regardless of your history with the company, life is too short to wake up dreading the day ahead.
This said there are many reasons we do not proactively address this situation.

We hesitate, procrastinate and complain because of one or more of the following:

  • We view work as a means to an end and we are financially comfortable
  • Stability is more important than our job satisfaction
  • Potential exists for advancement due to our years of service
  • Change is difficult and who knows if it will be better somewhere else
  • Present associates are known elements to us
  • Team members are socially important to us
  • Our boss is the main problem 
  • The economy is not strong
  • Our confidence and self esteem is low
  • Benefits and pension plan could be lost

Of course this list varies for every individual, but depending on the extent of the list we may conclude we cannot exist for the balance of our working years in JOB HELL!!

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Quote of the Week...

"The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice."

~George Eliot

Tip of the Week...
When making decisions it helps to put some distance between you and the situation. Climb a mountain or visualize doing so and look down at the big picture. It is amazing how this fresh new perspective yields clarity.

Book of the Week...

Snowflower and the Secret Fan
by Lisa See

A thought provoking novel that is well written and enlightening. Learn about the Chinese tradition of foot binding, about a secret language shared by "old sames" and the sadness and beauty for the women living in this time.

October 5, 2010
Vol. 1, Issue 6
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About Dorothy...


Dorothy DeClute specializes in coaching business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals in career or life transitions. Her business background is extensive and includes her tenure as Vice President of Sandbury Homes, President of Wiltshire Canada, Director of International Marketing for McPherson's Ltd. and Co-Founder of Team DeClute, one of the most successful real estate teams in Canada.

She is recognized for her creative business strategies, strong team building skills, as well as for being an inspiring mentor, astute consultant and an empowering coach.

Dorothy is a Certified General Accountant, a Registered Real Estate Sales Professional and a member of the GTA/ICF Coaches Association. If you are facing challenges and would like to work with a coach who has a defined Signature System to help you get from where you are to where you want to be contact Dorothy at

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