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Kick off 2011 Feeling Gracious and Grateful...


A note from Dorothy...

Kick off 2011 Feeling Gracious and Grateful...

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A note from Dorothy...

Hi {!firstname},

I am optimistic that your first weeks of 2011 have been as fulfilling as mine. You are feeling good about having your plan in place for the year ahead and energized by the very thought of achieving your goals!

Following the holidays, it is important to draw on all of your strengths to get focused and stay focused. You know you are strategically well positioned to achieve your goals this year and now is the time to make it happen. Now is also the time to make the decisions that you may have been procrastinating over nearing the end of 2010. Remember no decision is a bad decision. Deciding and moving forward is what makes the difference!

It is also a perfect time for getting a kick-start on new projects or embracing new opportunities. Just imagine how great you will feel if by the end of the first quarter you are tracking ahead of plan.

We are all at different phases in life and filling different roles in our families and in society. Take care of yourself, feel good, be happy and sincerely enjoy every day. A whole New Year has begun - make it the best one yet!

Best Always,

Kick off 2011 Feeling Gracious and Grateful...

Every day it is important to let your family, friends, business associates and clients know how grateful you are for their love, friendship and loyalty. Often we go through our days working too much, rushing with activities and scrambling to get everything done that is on our TODO list. Too infrequently taking a moment to pause, breathe and be grateful for all of the wonderful people who enrich our life every day.

Here are FOUR steps that will enhance your life immensely:

Step #1

  • Take a moment to reflect on the people in your life who make you happy and continually contribute to your success. Consider the following -
  • Do you think they know how important they are to you?
  • Have you said thank you recently?
  • Have you told them that you love them or if more appropriate, appreciate them?
  • Have you taken the time to stop and talk to them, send them a note or email them a little word of thanks or encouragement, as the situation may dictate?

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Quote of the Week...

"Appreciation can make a day - even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary."

~Margaret Cousins

Tip of the Week...
Studies indicate that the colour yellow has been associated with joy, intellect and energy. With the short days at this time of year introduce a bit of yellow to your life as well as Vitamin D. A yellow bouquet coming your way!

Book of the Week...

Stumbling on Happiness
Author Daniel Gilbert

Author Daniel Gilbert in an easy humorous and quirky way explores our often misguided attempts at finding happiness. A fascinating read that was thought provoking for sure!

January 25, 2011
Vol. 2, Issue 1
Published every other Tuesday
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About Dorothy...


Dorothy DeClute specializes in coaching business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals in career or life transitions. Her business background is extensive and includes her tenure as Vice President of Sandbury Homes, President of Wiltshire Canada, Director of International Marketing for McPherson's Ltd. and Co-Founder of Team DeClute, one of the most successful real estate teams in Canada.

She is recognized for her creative business strategies, strong team building skills, as well as for being an inspiring mentor, astute consultant and an empowering coach.

Dorothy is a Certified General Accountant, a Registered Real Estate Sales Professional and a member of the GTA/ICF Coaches Association. If you are facing challenges and would like to work with a coach who has a defined Signature System to help you get from where you are to where you want to be contact Dorothy at

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